Argyll Free Range Eggs

       from Balvicar Farm

Which  comes  first,  the  chicken  or  the  egg?

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Flo Macaskill
Balvicar Farm
Isle of Seil
Oban,  Argyll

01852 300355

At Balvicar Farm it is always the chicken

Happpy hens lay better eggs

We only run free range hens, unlike many other producers who principally run caged egg enterprises. All our hens are triple vaccinated against Egg Drop Syndrome, Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis. They are immunised against Salmonella Infection throughout their laying period and are tested at 15 week intervals by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency.

All feed is milled in Inverness to UKASTA Feed Assurance Scheme standard. No additives are used. We provide our own seaweed and barnacled oyster shells in the ranges to enhance flavour and strengthen shell quality.

All flocks are regularly inspected by Government Poultry Officers.

Our hens are split into flocks of limited size and have continuous daylight access to the outside where they can range freely.

We are fortunate to have outlets for all our hens to retire to at the end of their working life thus avoiding the mass cull necessitated in most commercial operations.